Festival headdresses and hair falls

Let your imagination run wild while wearing one of our festival headdresses or hair falls. Now you can change up the color or style of your hair in minutes by adding these easy extensions. Bring your character or cosplay to life – now available on our Etsy shop! 



Baby shoes

Been making a gabillion baby shoes lately:

More Provo Farmer’s Market

The Provo Farmer’s Market is always fun- Lot’s of good food, interesting people watching, and of course, your Friendly Neighborhood Three Penny Market:

Matchbox Shrines

I love making art out of found objects. There is nothing so satisfying as taking something that is not worth anything and turning it into something beautiful or fun. Lately I have been making little shrines out of matchboxes. You can get a package of ten matchboxes at Wally World for less than a dollar. Add a little paper, glue and paint and make something more than the sum of its parts.   

These are fun to make for your friends- you can put a pair of earrings or some candies in one for a sweet little gift. I like to make them wearable, because that is how I roll:

You can add a pin or a even make a necklace:

I used old earrings and added broken jewelry pieces to this one.

Another fun application is to make a wallet sized picture frame:

More fun:

Made new business cards

These were super easy and fun to make. I wanted new cards, but didn’t want to shell out a fortune. I had some old scrapbook card stock that was looking sort of rough, and was blank on one side. I designed the cards using images from the Graphics Fairy, and printed them on the back of the card stock, so they have a nice pattern on the back.What do you think?